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  • Women in Super Brisbane, Crafting Your Career February 2013

    In February this year (2013) I delivered a workshop for Brisbane’s Women in Super Branch called “Crafting your Career”. Fourteen amazing women from across some of Brisbane’s and Australia’s best known Superannuation companies applied to go on the workshop to craft their ideal lives and careers. These are women who love what they do and wanted to take it to the next level! Those involved we from Sunsuper, Australian Super, Bussq, Me Bank, Host Plus, Q Super and Colonial First State.

    The topics were covered were:
    • Your personality type
    • Your values in your career
    • Interests outside work
    • Areas of study
    • Incorporating interests into life as a whole and not just career.

    After the workshop each person  was offered a 1-1 executive coaching session to explore what they learn from the program, and where they were experiencing challenges and action steps for the longer term.

    The common themes that came up were:
    • Building strong networks with people in Brisbane after moving from interstate
    • Balancing family with career aspirations, knowing when to focus on career and when to focus on family…. and not trying to do it all TODAY
    • Building capability and interests  to support overall life happiness when there is limited local progression within the organisation
    • Many of the group were technically very good at their roles, it was now about celebrating wins, showing value to their organisations and on-going mentoring and executive coaching to have support, connection and strong networks

    So thank you to the amazing Women in Super, especially Flavia Fomica-Southwood, Susan Ryan and Kirsty Strano from the Women in Super Queensland Team. Thank you to the ladies for being so open, sharing and supporting each other. You all do amazing work and have such incredible talents as team members, mothers, friends and wives. I don’t know how you do it all! Keep up the great work!!


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    1. Sounds like you had a fun day :)The maktres look good. Judging from the wide shot, it kind of looks like there are stalls located outside as well. Is that the case?

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