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    5 steps to negotiating for flexible work hours


    Do you ever have those days where you wish you could be working from home that day because your child is sick or transport is an issue? You may not be able to work regular hours due to family commitments or health issues. While part-time jobs are not available for most professions, the next best thing is to hold a full-time job with flexible working hours. Read More »

    Top 5 tips for accessing the hidden job market


    Up to about 80% of all new jobs that are on offer are never even advertised. Were you aware of this? It is a staggering statistic and something that prevents many job hunters from finding the ideal job in the end. What if you knew how to gain access to these "hidden" jobs? Would it help you with your job seeking? Have a look at the following tips and see what happens when you make full use of them. Read More »

    Top 5 tips to overcome ‘New Job’ Blues’

    new job blues

    Answering a job interview is a daunting task, but for many, the fear does not end there. Even after being hired, the first few days at the new job can bring on depression, isolation and worry. Here are the top 5 tips for you to cope with new job blues and handle these negative feelings correctly, so that you can take a liking to the workplace and the job at the earliest. Read More »

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