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  • Top 5 tips for accessing the hidden job market

    Up to about 80% of all new jobs that are on offer are never even advertised. Were you aware of this? It is a staggering statistic and something that prevents many job hunters from finding the ideal job in the end. What if you knew how to gain access to these “hidden” jobs? Would it help you with your job seeking? Have a look at the following tips and see what happens when you make full use of them.

    1. You Have to Network

    First you need to be set on networking as much as possible, which will be the initial step needed to access the jobs that are hidden from most people. Use social media to network with people from various companies and industries, for instance, so that you track down more available jobs. Make your own list of possible candidates you think you should communicate with. Usually neighbors, friends, family, employers, clients, old classmates and customers have immense networking potential. Therefore, you need to add these to your list and start contacting them and network whenever you have the chance. Build up as many contacts as you can.

    2. Research Prospective Employers

    You will end up applying for jobs that you have not seen any descriptions of, so it is therefore extremely important that you do some thorough research on any company you might be applying to for a job. You need to find out what type of experiences they are looking for in the candidates, for example. This will help you to write a much better cover letter and resume. Try sticking to a specific industry and position, because it will make your task of researching a company so much easier.

    3. Be Good at Selling Yourself

    It is not always easy to get the attention of the main decision makers at a company, especially when they have not requested any resumes for a certain job position. Do the following to help sell yourself to a company: You need to list reasons why a company should be hiring you. Be creative and very specific by including all your training and skills, as well as your relevant experiences. You have to make it clear in your resume what your main selling points are, so that you leave them almost no choice, but to hire you.

    4. Ensure Your Resume is Seen by the Right

    People If you manage to find out whom the person or persons are that do the hiring at a company, you should confirm their contact details as soon as possible. If you do not find the name and contact details of anybody in particular, then contact the company and ask to speak to somebody from the department where you are possibly going to apply to for a job. Ask for somebody that is in a managing position and find out information from him or her. As soon as you have the person’s name and contact details, you can send him or her, a personalized resume and cover letter. Make sure to state in the cover letter what kind of job you are interested in.

    5. Do not Accept “No” as an Answer

    You need to be persistent when pursuing a company and a specific job that you have your eye on. When you manage to get your resume in the right person’s hands, you need to stick to your guns and not give up. It is truly essential that you know beforehand how to respond to possible problems that you might have to face. You might face the following problems most often: – The people who are usually responsible for keeping you away from the decision makers. They are referred to as the “Gatekeepers.” Call until you speak to the decision maker personally. Try to avoid the “Gatekeepers” at all costs. – When you contact the decision maker and need to leave a voicemail message, inform them why you are calling, and leave your contact information, as well as when you will be calling him or her back. – Often, when you eventually get through to the decision makers, they have a list of objections, which they throw at you. The best approach is usually to briefly state why you are calling and that you would not take up a lot of their time. It will become much easier to find those unfairly hidden jobs when you start to implement the above tips. Make sure to make use of them constantly, and you will be more successful during your next job-hunt.


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