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  • Do you love what you do so much you would still be doing it at 94?


    Last week I took my parents and partner to see Bar at Buena Vista. Now I don’t know if you know much about Latin music but even if you don’t it’s one of the most amazing, humbling and inspiring things I have ever done. With my parents having visited Cuba and Havana in 2007 and it coming up in coversation at least every couple of months I knew we had to go.

    The Bar at Buena Vista group is made up of  four of the original members of the band that played at the Buena Vista Social Club in Havana in the 1950’s when it was the Vegas of the Caribbean. The oldest is 94 and one of the dancers is 81!

    Before Fidel Castro’s reign began in 1959 Havana was the hub of music, cigars, rum and fun. When Castro came along it all stopped and his communist rule came with it. For those in the band suddenly had to look at alternative ways to make money and Reynaldo Creagh (considered the grandfather of Cuban music)went on to drive trains for 37 years.

    It wasn’t until 1986 that he had decided that he’d had enough and the band needed to get back together to somehow bring the music of that era to a new generation. So great is his passion that he flew 3 days to be able to get to Australia for the concerts here. At 94 I’m not sure that I could do that! Yet here he was on stage with the others from the Buena Vista Social Club singing and dancing. I was truly inspired and amazed, but it wasn’t until the host shared the conversation he had with Reynoldo that I had goosebumps and tears. The host asked “At 94 how are you feeling at this stage of your career?” To which he responded “I’ve only just started”.

    How passionate are you about what you do every day? Could you do it and be loving every minute of it at 94?

    For the age of these guys and they’ve lived on rum and cigars most of their life, finding their passion and doing it every day shows the impacts on health and wellbeing and finding true happiness. If what we do every day contributes to 50% of overall happiness then that’s a pretty big chunk of time.

    The research shows Baby boomers tend to be happy with finding a job, Gen X’ers tend to be happy with a career and Gen Y’s are looking for a calling. My experience has been that Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers start looking at a calling later in life…..sometimes after 37 years of driving trains! There is also the element of leaving a legacy and making a difference in the world that has a contribution to finding happiness so I encourage my clients to consider what they want said about them at their 80th birthday and consider how they want to be remembered. Doing this allows you create your vision and goals for the future. It creates perspective and conscious choices about what we do every day.

    Life’s too short and we only live once. Here’s living long and passionate lives, doing what we love and leaving a legacy!

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