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  • Finding the red thread of your career

    Earlier this month I had a client come to see me, she was very unhappy in her current job as a property manager and had been considering going back into a sales or business development role. I asked her to talk me through her career history as this tells me all the things she likes or doesn’t like doing, and as we looked through her resume a common theme started to emerge. Every role she had she turned it into mastering the role and then training others how to get the results she was getting.

    She is and ENFJ which is also one of the most popular profiles for a teacher or trainer so whilst it was all in the reports and on paper where she needed to head, by just having the space to work with someone who can hold the mirror up and find what I call “the
    red thread of your career” meant that before we had really got our teeth into the session she was starting to see the patterns emerge for herself.

    According to the UK company iOpener’s research on Happiness at Work, knowing the red thread of your career can allow you to identify your passion, what excites you about your work and where you feel like you gain the most in terms of achieving your potential, which is at the heart of being happy at work.

    How you can do that is:

    1. Look over your career history:

    If you look over your career history in your resume, what common themes and patterns emerge?

    2. Understand at your personality profile What personality type are you?

    Undertaking a MyersBriggs Type Indicator Assessment is a great way to learn more about yourself and create self-awareness and insight.

    3. Talk with a career counsellor:

    Working with someone who has an objective perspective and isn’t too emotionally involved can   see where the opportunities are and what themes emerge from your profile.

    4. Talk with your partner, family or friends

    If you spoke to someone you see as a mentor, what patterns would emerge that they see?

    So, by understanding the red thread of our career we can start to see the patterns emerge. The next step is to identify what that means in terms of opportunities within your current organisation or the types of jobs that will be in demand for the next 5-10 years. A great way to find this out is to see the Job Outlook site put together by DEEWR in Australia.

    If you would like to work with a career consultant who can identify your red thread contact us and we can begin to identify what options are out there for you!

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