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  • 3 ways to get ahead of the rest in a phone interview

    3 ways to get ahead of the rest in a phone interview


    Have you ever had a phone interview and feel like you can’t work out if you’re really connecting with the panel or not? I find some clients dismiss the phone interview and will feel like the pressure if off and there is no need to stress as much, but a phone interview has a few more challenges than a regular interview and it’s easy to stand out from the crowd!


    1. 1. Use a land line rather than a mobile: technology doesn’t always go to plan so even though you may have listed your mobile number on your resume, if you get an interview ask if it can be conducted via a landline so that there is less likelihood of technical issues distracting the interview process and you forgetting what you were going to say! It’s worth investing the time to organise a landline number to have the interview.
    2. 2. Remove distractions: Make sure you have your mobile or other phone turned off, you kids are being minded by someone else, your dog isn’t barking, you’re not eating, watching television or texting a friend.  Not only is it rude but it will prevent you from giving brilliant responses to the questions your asked!
    3. 3. Amplify your communication skills: Remember that on the other end of the phone the panel can’t see you or pick up any body language. This means your speaking skills must come to fore. Instead of nodding your head to what they say make sure you actually verbally respond so they feel that you’re connecting with them.


    So, of course with your preparation you need to make sure the content of your answers is connecting with what the panel said they’re looking for in the job description, but just make sure you have the basic logistics ready to go!


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    Jane Anderson is an accredited Career and Executive Coach based In Brisbane Australia. She has been featured in various publications and the media in Australia and is available for Career Coaching, Interview Skills Training and Linkedin Profile Development face to face, over the phone and on Skype.


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