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  • Important psychometric test companies in Australia.

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    In recent years Australia has witnessed a marked increase in the use of psychometric tests as a recruitment tool during job interviews. As the number of university degrees in the workforce continues to increase and the global market becomes ever more competitive, companies in Australia have been looking for more accurate means of assessing their potential employees before hiring.

    In the wake of this demand, specific recruitment firms and job assessment companies have risen to supply employers with a variety of testing methods to aid them in choosing the right employees.


    A list of the Major Australian assessment companies:












    Psychometric Tests:

    These assessment companies usually start the application process by issuing a psychometric test to potential employees.

    While differences exist between the various companies’ tests with regard to structure and organisation, the basic principles and methods are the same. They all look for the same number of qualities with similar types of test questions and assessments.

    The two most dominant companies in Australia are SHL and Onetest. A job applicant is most likely to be faced with one of their assessment tests during the recruitment process.


    Types of Psychometric tests:

    Numerical Reasoning:

    Numerical Reasoning tests are based on questions dealing with numbers, statistics, graphs and budget data to assess similar reasoning skills. The questions often come in the form of decisions that need to be made for a realistic workplace context.

    The questions are multiple-choice and usually are expected to be completed within 45 seconds to one minute.

    These tests usually evaluate abilities such as critical reasoning and general intelligence, basic arithmetic, graph and data analysis and speed and concentration.


    Verbal Reasoning

    Verbal reasoning tests assess your comprehension abilities, this means understanding written information from a text or passage. Questions require the applicant to make reasoned conclusions based on the content of the passage by giving answers in the form of True, False or Cannot Say responses to each statement.


    Non Verbal Reasoning:

    Non Verbal reasoning tests assess the skills necessary for understanding and analysing visual information in order to solve problems using visual reasoning. The questions involve the identification of relationships, similarities and differences between shapes and patterns. Applicants are given multiple-choice questions that ask them to recognise visual sequences and relationships between objects.


    Logical Reasoning:

    Logical Reasoning tests are designed to measure your logical thinking ability using the information provided in sequences of diagrams or verbal sentences. The tests require the applicant to understand underlying logical rules based on the information provided.


    Practice psychometric reasoning tests here.


    Assessment Centres:

    In addition to issuing psychometric tests, many assessment companies also provide assessment centres for creating more specific and job-defined assessment methods.

    Applicants can spend one or more days at these assessment centres performing tasks that mimic certain work-related scenarios. These tasks are designed to test decision making skills as well as general work performance under stress. Examples of these tests include: Case studies, In-tray exercises, group tasks and role play scenarios.


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    An important part of the day at an assessment centre is the interviews. Interviews can be performed by professional interviewers as well as senior members from the company that applicant is applying to.


    Practice Job Interviews here.


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