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  • Resume Writing

    7 Resume Editing Tips

    Resume Writing

      It’s amazing what a well-written and nicely presented resume can do for your job search. Before you send yours out, follow this checklist to ensure you are sending out an excellent quality representation of yourself. Grammar, spelling, punctuation Use the grammar and spell check function, then print it out and read the document word for word. Spell checker doesn’t ... Read More »

    If Your Resume is the Cake, Your Cover Letter is the Icing.


      Cover letter writing is almost as important a skill for a job seeker to learn as resume writing.  The cover letter accompanies the resume at all times as the primary support document.  Whether you use traditional mail, email, faxing, or another type of electronic submission, this should always be sent with the resume.  There are, of course, other tools ... Read More »

    Executive Job Search: 3 Jobseeking Ways to Find a Job Faster


      Executive Job Search: 3 Jobseeking Ways to Find a Job Faster Got a difficult problem in your job search? Say, a lack of networking contacts? Or trouble answering interview questions? Good news: You take solve your job search problems today, simply by writing them down. Read on to learn a 3-step method that shows you how. Got a difficult ... Read More »

    5 steps to the perfect cover letter

    5 steps to writing the ideal cover letter I see lots of resumes every day and most people realise it needs to be tailored to suit the role which is a big job! Something that is often forgotten until the last minute is the cover letter but it’s the first thing that the prospective employer sees! By not having a ... Read More »

    Gift Vouchers

    festive Christmas present

    Need a gift for someone who has everything?  Do you have a partner or friend that needs a career change? Do you have a friend, family member or partner who you would like to help see happier in their job? Maybe you know they would love a resume written but haven’t been able to afford it. Maybe you know they ... Read More »

    Sharpening your resume? Top tips to get yourself shortlisted

    Your resume is the first impression a recruiter has about you. One of the biggest mistakes I see clients make is they simply keep adding their jobs to their resumes without really thinking about what type of job they’re really trying to achieve.  So, what do the best resumes look like? 1. They’re no more than 4 pages. Bear in mind recruiters ... Read More »

    5 tips for getting a Brisbane and Queensland Government job!

    capability-leadership framework

    It seems that the challenge of applying for government roles can really shy people away from pursuing a rewarding career in the public sector. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not for everyone – but for those who want to contribute to society, want mobility and career progression, it can be a good option. I also find a lot of clients who ... Read More »

    Is your resume outdated?

    Your resume is probably the hardest thing to tailor during the job search. Why? Well, your resume is a reflection of you and your work experience. If it’s not presented in the right way, you may not have a chance. The most common issue I see with most resumes is that they are are outdated, especially if the person hasn’t ... Read More »

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