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    5 tips for getting a Brisbane and Queensland Government job!

    capability-leadership framework

    It seems that the challenge of applying for government roles can really shy people away from pursuing a rewarding career in the public sector. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not for everyone – but for those who want to contribute to society, want mobility and career progression, it can be a good option. I also find a lot of clients who ... Read More »

    Is your resume outdated?

    Your resume is probably the hardest thing to tailor during the job search. Why? Well, your resume is a reflection of you and your work experience. If it’s not presented in the right way, you may not have a chance. The most common issue I see with most resumes is that they are are outdated, especially if the person hasn’t ... Read More »

    Is this the career change for you?


    Many years ago, my Dad changed career, moving from an accounting role with a transport company to an operations and finance role with a funeral company. It was a natural fit for Dad, being an ISFJ, as he has a great way of dealing with people, is very calm, reassuring and diligent in his work. He is also well known in his ... Read More »

    Got an interview coming up?

    Here are my  top 5 tips to get you feeling 300% more confident! Your interview with a prospective employer, recruiter or panel is the first impression the organisation has of you in person. It can be a nerve-wracking time for most people, and most clients I see want to feel confident! After having worked with a client, most go into interviews feeling 300% more confident so ... Read More »

    Great site if you’re a job seeker….


    Job hunting? Let Linkme do the work for you. For most clients I see who are looking for work find it such a time consuming and arduous process, or there’s the other end of the spectrum where clients have “Seek” moments when they’re feeling diengaged in their work. I have been testing a website with my clients called http://www.linkme.com.au/. This site allows you ... Read More »

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