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  • Top 5 tips to overcome ‘New Job’ Blues’

    Answering a job interview is a daunting task, but for many, the fear does not end there. Even after being hired, the first few days at the new job can bring on depression, isolation and worry. Here are the top 5 tips for you to cope with new job blues and handle these negative feelings correctly, so that you can take a liking to the workplace and the job at the earliest.

    1. Set Small Goals: You have already proven your mettle by passing the job interview with flying colors and landing your dream job. Do not set unachievable goals and push yourself too much just yet. Take it easy during the initial period and concentrate on one day at a time. Eventually, everything will fall into place and you can start expecting more from yourself.

    2. Find a Mentor: There is so much to learn at a new job besides the work; getting familiar with the company policies, the building layout, new colleagues. Look out for a friendly, approachable person to show you the ropes during your break-in period and to be your mentor, companion and guide. This employee should preferably be a peer and have more than a year’s experience with the company.

    3. Dress Up Smartly: Personal grooming is very important in the corporate world and is a reflection of the employees’ attitude towards work. Wearing smart clothes to work will not only give you a sense of purpose, but will also put confidence into your stride. Find out the expected dress code in your new organization and get attired accordingly.

    4. Personalize your Work Cubicle / Desk: A new, unfamiliar environment can seem cold and uninviting. Keep a few personal items such as a photo frame or your favorite stationery on your work desk, while adhering to the general decorum. Soon, your new office will start feeling like home.

    5. Make an Unbiased Assessment of the Situation: List down all the factors about the new job that are bothering you. These could be an unpleasant boss or colleague, too much work pressure, office politics or uncomfortable work culture; all of which can be handled through appropriate communication. However, if there has been a misunderstanding about the job role and it is conflicting with your career objectives, it is best to give up the new role as soon as possible.

    It is normal to be nervous and anxious at a new job. However, this energy has to be channeled into positive action by following these 5 tips. Instead of suffering from new job blues, you will enjoy the new experience and undergo personal growth.

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