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  • Coping with Redundancy

    The global recession has affected people from all walks of life, forcing skilled and unskilled workers in all industries and at all levels of management into redundancy. The extent of the recession means that almost everyone knows someone who has faced redundancy, if not themselves, and what unites all cases are the challenges and worries of keeping financially afloat and getting back into work. I have seen many Queensland state government employees in the last few months so you may be someone affected by the changes in QLD. If you are in this situation, the most important thing is to stay positive and be proactive, and to understand what position you are in, and where you can go from here.


    Making a Career Change

    Redundancy comes as a blessing in disguise for many people. It gives you the chance to take a step back and see where you are in your industry, and what progress you have made. You can explore other possible career paths with the skills and credentials you have previously gained. Employers like to see diversity, and will happily interview candidates from other industries for certain positions. As long as you are proactive and get yourself to the interview stage, you are showing that you are motivated, and you are giving yourself key experience that always helps for future job hunting. Skills and qualifications are often less important to the employer than the willingness to be trained and learn. Changing your career may be more difficult to achieve than ‘sticking to what you know’, but at least you are given the chance to achieve it.


    Alternative Actions

    Competition for jobs is currently fierce. Recruiters and companies are reporting record numbers of applicants, sometimes hundreds for a single role, but if you are one of the many who have been made redundant who doesn’t want to swim against the tide, there are alternatives.


    Voluntary, charity and other non-profit work does not pay but keeps you busy, teaches you new skills, and gets you connected with new people, increasing your chances of getting noticed and giving you great material for your resume. You can see what problems there are in your community, and fundraising is a great way to meet new people.


    If you would like to discuss your options after redundancy contact us for a Career Counselling session where we can discuss your career options, resume update  , interview skills training or your Linkedin profile. Jane Anderson is one of the most highly qualified Career Pratcitioners globally. She is a Master Career Director and Professional Certified Coach based in Brisbane Australia and works with clients from all over the world over the phone, on Skype and face to face. She speaks at the Reinvent your Career Expo and has been featured as the ‘Job Whisperer’ on today tonight, Brisbane Business News, CLEO magazine and news.com.au. Contact us today.

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