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  • 9 Ways an Award Can Increase Your Income

    Jane Anderson Personal BrandingJulia Roberts has 4 Academy Award nominations. She won best actress for Erin Brockovich and for a period was the highest paid actress in Hollywood, commanding $27 million USD per film. She got to pick and choose her roles which is a dream for any actor. The Dally M Award gives you more clout as a player. You have more influence and therefore a greater chance at earning the bigger salary.

    One of Cialdini’s 6 pillars in his book ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion’ is scarcity, the feeling that there aren’t many available. Awards create scarcity and set you apart. Scarcity challenges your customer to make a decision quickly, or in many cases makes them want to be part of that special group. So an award therefore increases your worth in your customer’s eyes.

    Awards can get you:

    1. Media interviews
    2. Speaking gigs
    3. More word of mouth
    4. Increased pricing
    5. To seem more exclusive
    6. Increased visibility
    7. To become a trusted advisor
    8. Expert and authority status
    9. Increased demand for services

    Think about your business goals for the next year or so and try to align the award with those goals. They could be your local Business Achiever awards and industry body or global awards. You don’t always have to wait for someone to nominate you, you can often nominate yourself.

    Get a professional writer to help you submit your application if you need to. Some applications take a lot of work, so even just being nominated or being a finalist can be enough to boost your profile.

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