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  • 5 Tips for Personal Branding for University Students



    Branding is a term associated with marketing. Few university students realise that they have to engage in marketing their skills when they apply for a job. To do this in a professional way you need to engage in establishing a personal brand of your own. The brand you develop will tell potential employers a great deal about your professional and personal life. It is important to start the process of developing a personal brand as early as possible in your career.

    What a personal brand should say?

    You should create a unique brand for yourself in order to present your skills and personality in the best possible way. The manner in which you present yourself to the world can determine your success of failure. You have to be wary about information that is available about you online, such as on Facebook. There have been cases where employers have actually rejected an applicant based on information that they found online and which gave them a different opinion of who you are. Likewise there are people who have been candidates who have been offered a job as the information found online is in line with the brand of company they’re applying to work for.

    Tips for establishing a personal brand

    1. Use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to gain exposure. These are the three main social media platforms used today for job searches and for communicating with others. The most important thing to keep in mind about using these venues is to set your privacy settings on each one to limit who can and cannot view your profile. This is especially true when it comes to Facebook. A friend of yours could post a photo online that does not show you in a very good light and this can have a negative impact on your career. Beware of being tagged and manages the settings in your account.
    2.  Review your profiles on social media platforms. Remove any negative information that is there so that it will not have any effect on your brand. Don’t naturally accept all connections because some of those may make you look as if you are the opposite of what you claim to be.
    3.  Update your profile on LinkedIn on a regular basis and make sure you have an engaging and professional headline based on what you want to be doing, not what you’ve done..
    4. The photos of you that are available online should give viewers an idea of your professionalism. The photos you choose for Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter should reflect your career aspirations. You don’t necessarily have to be dressed in uniform if there is one for your job. You should be dressed in a casual way so as to portray a good first impression.
    5. The message you leave on your voice mail should also be professional. Even though it may sound funny to have something out of the ordinary asking callers to leave a message it may not be the best idea if you are waiting for a call for an interview.


    Establishing your personal brand

    Even though you know the importance of establishing a personal brand in your quest for a position befitting your qualifications, do not do so just for the sake of having a brand. You need to set goals for your future and these should show through in the way in which you express yourself in everything you post online.

    In addition to taking advantage of social media to establish a brand you could also look into the possibility of starting a blog or setting up your own website. Having a blog is free so that you can market your skills online without having to spend any money. You can demonstrate your expertise by writing about ideas associated with your career in this way. Your resume and profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn can have a link to this blog.


    Jane Anderson is one of the most highly experienced Career Practitioners globally. She is a Master Career Director and Professional Certified Coach based in Brisbane Australia and works with clients from all over the world over the phone, on Skype and face to face. She speaks at the Reinvent your Career Expo and has been featured as the ‘Job Whisperer’ on today tonight, Brisbane Business News, CLEO magazine and news.com.au. She also holds one of the top 1% of profiles viewed on LinkedIn. Contact us today.

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